MotoPump VS 1.65 THP

MotoPump VS is a high performance, energy efficient pool pump. Save up to 80% on energy costs.


Power your pool with Superior Technology.

Aquamoto pumps have been designed to move water quickly and efficiently. By more precisely controlling the flow of your pool, our pumps can save up to 80 percent energy costs versus standard single speed pumps.

Most pumps fail prematurely because of damage associated with the motor being low to the ground. At a full 6″ off the ground this design keeps it out of the grass, debris, and pests. Not only is our motor higher off the ground, but its a fan cooled sealed motor.  Leading to a more efficient motor with a longer service life. 

6" Motor Height

Why a variable speed pump? There is a relationship between motor speed, water flow rates and energy consumption. When the motor speed is reduced by 1/2, the flow rate is as well. However, the power usage is reduced to 1/8 of the original consumption. By being able to program the pump to run slower for longer periods, the user to can reduce the energy demand up to 80%.


Save up to 80% over single speed pumps

One Step Closer to a Maintaince Free Pool