Pixel Glass Filter Media™

A Superior Media for Traditional Sand Filters

Efficiency in your pool system doesn’t end with the hardware.  Aquamoto is pleased to offer a new level of filtration and value with our environmentally minded glass filter media.  Pixel Glass Media is manufactured to be chemically inert and physically safe for swimmers. The glasses size allows for filtering down to 10 microns and extends your filter cycle by effectively using the entire depth of the media bed.

  • Faster Backwash uses 30% Less Water.

Model Number:  80-0040
UPC: 00850001454049





Filtration down to 3 Microns

10 Year Tank Warranty

Aquamoto filament wound fiberglass tanks are manufactured with the latest in material technology and our most dependable design elements. EcoPixel tanks are lightweight and corrosion resistant, yet possess a structural rigidity equal to steel.  It is this combination of strenghth and durability that enables our ten year warranty.

Media Options

Media Efficiency

  • Pixel Glass Media 98%
  • Comparable Crushed Glass Media 79%
  • 20# Silica Sand 70%

Multiple Media Options

Particle Micron Size per Media Type

  • Pixel Glass Media – 10 Micron
  • Silica 20# Sand – 20 micron

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