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Aquamoto Helix™ Stage One Swimming Pool Hydrocyclone Filter


Meet the next stage of development in swimming pool water purification.  The Helix™ Stage One is a particle removing devise that is completely self contained and works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration. It is designed with no moving parts, no electrical components, and best of all no filter element or media to clean or replace. See how the Helix™ can save you time, money, and make your pool much more enjoyable to maintain.

Pool Filters

Aquamoto high-efficiency filtration systems purify water and deliver a sparkling, clear pool by keeping the water moving while attacking dirt from every angle.


Pixel Glass Media™

Aquamoto has the media options you are looking for in your new pool filter. From high quality sand and crushed glass to the most modern filtration alternatives.  


MotoPump VS

Aquamoto pumps have been designed to move water quickly and efficiently. By more precisely controlling the flow of your pool, our pumps can save up to 80 percent energy costs versus standard single speed pumps.


One Step Closer to a Maintaince Free Pool